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Morse Low Noise Fans - Services and Products for all Industrial Air Movement Applications

Morse Low Noise Fans is an engineering and manufacturing company specialising in cooling air movement products for electric motors and drive assemblies. Morse Low Noise Fans was founded in 1989 after being a former division of its sister company Morse Air Systems.

At Morse Low Noise Fans we focus on providing air cooling systems with low noise emissions. We design and manufacture a unique range of cooling fan impellers and acoustic cowls and guards to suit a range of electric motors and drive units.

We cater for all types of ventilation systems including blower fans, centrifugal fans, industrial fans, exhaust fans, extractor fans and blowers just to name a few. We also do repairs and replacements for existing cooling fan impellers.

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Our fan engineering and design are based on achieving the following:

  • reduced overall motor / drive assembly noise
  • bi-directional rotation so the motor or drive can run in either direction
  • to provide sufficient cooling air to maintain certain temperature rises
  • to improve the efficiency of the motor or drive assembly
  • material selection to suit particular operating environments and condition

Our qualified engineers consider each project individually to determine to best type of design.

With over 20 years of certified designs and test results we are confident that we can solve most cooling and ventilation air issues

Industrial Fans

With our sister company Morse Air Systems, we offer a complete industrial air movement solution, with products and services for all Industrial Air Movement Applications.

If it's industrial air movement solutions you need Morse Low Noise Fans and Morse Air Systems has the answers!

Why not contact us to discuss your individual requirements?